Why choose us

Outstanding efficiency
All of our developed products went to market, generating revenue for their owners!
Product safety
Our ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications provide continuous product safety!
International quality
Proven quality and results in a global and multinational environment!


Electronic product creation
Development, qualification and production of printed circuits, electronic structures, equipment, complex systems. Design and manufacture of product houses, kiosks and movements, also in ATEX environment. Communication, IoT, Smart Solutions.
Digital product creation
Extreme load bearing servers, databases and interfaces. IoT backend, frontend, API, protocol, device integration, payment handling. Web & mobile applications. We fully provide the firmware, protocols, cloud and mobile background of our products.
Market entry, production
Turning a prototype or sample into a product to place on the market. CE and other certifications. We also provide production, sourcing, storage and logistics on request. Building the initial promotion, sales and complaint & guarantee management system.


Smart, sensory and IoT systems
Develop, deploy and operate high availability, low maintenance, wireless, IoT sensor nodes, sensors, devices, protocols, backend and systems at full Edge, Fog, Cloud level. WiFi, LoRa, 4G/5G, LTE communications.
Industrial, logistics and environmental automation
Tracking and dispensing systems, kiosks. "Smarting-up" manual and analogue equipment. Advertising distribution and display systems. Aerial and aquatic systems for environmental management.
Cash and payment management systems
Banknote, coin, card and other cashless payment methods (phone, wristband) integration, fake banknote detection for billing systems, smart safes, checkout kiosks and cashless systems. ECB conform solutions.
High load IoT and online systems
Developing highly visited frontend and backend systems for the international, commer-cial, administrative, community and IoT markets. Full functio- nality, payment acceptance, localization. Cloud and Stand-alone solutions.

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